During August 2018, our Thursday Morning Club members collected items for a great cause!

Members collected shaving cream, razors, non-perishable snacks, pens and pencils, writing paper and cards, feminine products, toothpaste/brushes, deodorant and many other items for our Military Troops deployed overseas.

Then on Monday 9/17/18 under the direction of Janet Allocco, some of our members filled 50 Christmas stockings with these items. The stockings will then be taken to our NJ State Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC) Headquarters in New Brunswick to be put with Christmas stockings from other NJSFWC Women’s Club’s across New Jersey.

Headquarters will then make arrangements with Boatsie’s Boxes to have these stockings shipped overseas to our military. If you are interested in sending items to our troops, we’ve attached a list of most requested items, or you can go to the Boatsie’s link.

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Most requested items

Thank you to our club members for taking part in this wonderful cause – but most of all the Thursday Morning Club would like to thank our military for all their service to the USA!