STANDING RULES for the detailed administration of the Club shall be adopted by each incoming Board of Trustees, and may be amended or repealed by them by a two- thirds vote without notice of the meeting or by a majority vote with notice:

  1. As of the date of the June meeting of the TMC Board, the Recording Secretary shall give to all Board Members a complete list (the Roster) of members of the Board consisting of: the thirteen (13) Trustees (comprised of seven (7) officers and six (6) Standing Committee Chairmen), Community Service Program Chairmen, and other Committee or Group Chairmen who conduct a specific activity.
  2. One week prior to each Board meeting, all Board members with the exception of the Treasurer shall email to both the President and the Recording Secretary, a copy of their monthly reports. The financial report will be forwarded by Treasurer at month end. The Investment Committee Chairman shall submit an annual report to the Trustees at the February Board Meeting. If a Board member and other Committee or Group Chairman is unable to attend a Board meeting, she shall notify the President and send a report, which will be read by the President, or her designee, at that respective Board meeting.
  3. If a Trustee vote is required between meetings, the President may call for an emergency meeting of the Trustees or may put the question to a vote via e-mail. If the vote is completed by e-mail, it will be reported verbally at the next Board meeting and entered into the minutes in order for it to become official.
  4. The Madison Community House (MCH) Director, Before and After School Child Care Program (BASCC) Director, and the Preschool Director of the MCH Management Committee will be invited to attend the January meeting of the TMC Board to present updates/reports regarding their respective job responsibilities and the status of their programs.
  5. There shall be two (2) keys for the P.O. Box 345, the official TMC mailing address. Mail may be picked up by the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Business Manager or appropriate delegate.
  6. The President shall order three (3) copies of the State Federation Yearbook for the use of the President, 1st Vice-President and MCH Office and two (2) copies of the Almanac for the use of the President and the 1st Vice-president.
  7. The Lakeland Bank shall be the repository of the regular checking and Strategic Capital Improvement Fund (SCIF) accounts of the TMC. The Provident Bank shall be the repository of the checking, savings, money market and payroll accounts of the MCH and storage of the TMC Safe Deposit Box. Funds representing legacies, the TMC SCIF and excess operating funds shall be held in the Vanguard accounts until such time as they are needed by TMC/MCH. Any new checking or savings account shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  8. By the May Board meeting each year, the Treasurer shall facilitate the transition of signature authority at the two banks for the upcoming Club year. All checks require two (2) signatures: the President, Treasurer, 2nd Vice President or Assistant Treasurer can sign on both the TMC and MCH accounts.
  9. As of the date of the May meeting of the TMC board, the Recording Secretary shall provide the Board of Trustees, current and incoming, with copies of the: “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement” and “Gift Policy and Disclosure” forms which are to be signed and returned to the Recording Secretary prior to the June Board meeting.
  10. The Treasurer oversees account balances and payment of bills necessary for officers and committee chairman of the TMC to perform their duties. The Treasurer also oversees account balances and bill payments for MCH staff to manage the operations/maintenance of the House. At the end of each fiscal year, the Treasurer will determine the funds to be left in the operational accounts of both TMC and MCH to support expenses during the summer months. Excess funds from fundraising activities of the TMC will be transferred to MCH during the Installation Luncheon. Any excess funds in the operational account of the MCH will be transferred to the Money Market account to be used as needed for the ongoing operations of the MCH.
  11. All contributions made by TMC Committees shall clear through the Treasurer prior to transfer to MCH.
  12. The Treasurer shall authorize cash advances as requested by Trustees and Committee Chairs to provide seed money for operations. In addition, the Treasurer shall authorize cash advances as requested by delegates attending the NJFSWC State Convention. Expenses might include registration and meals. Note that the cost of TMC Delegates’ hotel rooms at the convention will not be advanced, but the cost of shared rooms or half of the cost of single rooms will be reimbursed. By the middle of the last month of the fiscal year, all cash advances must either be paid back to TMC or reconciled against actual incurred expenses. All expense reconciliation shall be conducted with the Business manager.
  13. The Club shall contribute $25.00 to the Strategic Capital Improvement Fund (SCIF) upon the demise of any Honorary Member, Past President, or active member. The Corresponding Secretary shall inform the bereaved family in a letter of sympathy. Flowers shall be sent at the discretion of the President of the Board of Trustees.
  14. All donations to TMC will be deposited into the SCIF account and acknowledged by the Corresponding Secretary in a note of thanks. If a donation is in honor of someone deceased, the Corresponding Secretary shall notify the family of the deceased as well. Total monthly donations will be shown on the monthly financial reports and acknowledged individually by the Corresponding Secretary during the monthly Board meeting. Individual donor names will not be announced or published in any TMC newsletter or publication.
  15. Dues of $80.00 are assessed from May 1st through April 30th of any given Club year. They are payable by regular members on May 1st and by new members upon admission to the Club. When joining the Club during January and February, a new member shall be assessed dues of only $40.00 and will not be asked to pay full dues until May 1st. Those members joining in March and April are deferred payment until May 1st when full dues are required.
  16. a. The TMC Board of 2017 – 2018 determined that all General Meetings will be open to the public except for the Holiday Tea and the Installation Luncheon. At these meetings the Club may dispense with reading of the minutes and the Treasurer’s report. The minutes shall be approved by committee.
    b. Non-members will be asked to sign a guest book upon arrival to a General Meeting.
  17. All fundraising efforts of the TMC shall be for the purpose of supporting TMC/MCH programs, the maintenance of the house and grounds, and to support District, State, and General Federation sanctioned projects as approved by the TMC Board. Also, at the discretion of the TMC Board, funds could be directed to town-sponsored events that would benefit the Madison Community House, improve public relations and / or enhance the community image of the Thursday Morning Club.
  18. Listings in our Club directory of names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails are to be used solely by our Club to distribute TMC/MCH, District, State, and General Federation information. These shall not be used by anyone for the bulk distribution of her personal or other organization’s information or fundraising requests. These lists may not be made available to other groups or organizations for their personal use.
  19. The TMC Newsletter contents are restricted to news concerning the TMC’s activities and members, the MCH, and the District, State, and General Federation news.
  20. The Madison Community House Management Committee (MCHMC) may enter into contracts, signed by the TMC 2nd Vice President (MCHMC Chair) or Operations Chairman, for repairs or maintenance if those contracts are below a cost of $1,000. Three estimates are suggested for any contracts exceeding $1,000 and also require TMC Board of Trustees approval. The MCH Director may make a payment of up to $2,000 for an emergency repair in the House with approval of the TMC President, the MCHMC Chairman or the MCHMC Operations Chairman.
  21. Any employee of the Madison Community House shall not be a voting member of the MCHMC.
  22. Each month, the MCHMC minutes having been approved by MCHMC, will be attached to the TMC Board Meeting minutes and become a matter of record.
  23. The MCHMC shall formulate policies and advise the MCH Staff of same in order to further the work of the MCH. The Committee shall periodically evaluate the work done at the MCH and the Chair will report this to the Trustees at the TMC monthly Board meeting.
  24. No equipment shall leave the Community House at any time without the approval of the MCH Director.
Approved: 6/11/2020