TMC Board and Committee Members

TMC Board of Trustees

President:  Betty Landi

1st Vice President:  Julie Trapp

2nd Vice President:  Anne Lawless

Recording Secretary:  Allison Johansen

Corresponding Secretary:  Connie Rostiac

Treasurer:  Linda Gero

Assistant Treasurer:  Jeannie Kosakowski

Membership:  Phyllis Flemming

Communications:  Karen Jeisi

Operations:  Susan Packie, Janice Corte

Programs:  Barbara Berger

Ways and Means:  Judy Hynes, Francesca Gooby

Social Events:  Gerri Meer, Judy Mautone

TMC Committee Chairs

Arts:  Vincyne LaCapra, Anna Palladino

Civic Engagement & Outreach:  Carol Schessler, Sue Speer

Education & Libraries:  Kim Rowe

Environment:  Anne Meyer, Cyndy Tracy

Health & Wellness:  Claire Burling, Olga Soriano

International Outreach:  RoseMary Dinnhaupt, Sharon Silver

Catering:  Roe Marchese, Sharon Silver

Hospitality:  Judi Sopko

Newsletter / Yearbook:  Cyndy Tracy

Press Book:  Diana Stracka

Volunteer Coordinator:  Peggy Oakes

Website & Technology:  Denise Bone, Lannie Keenan

Nominating Committee:  Claire Burling, Janice Corte, Ali Johansen, Vincyne LaCapra, Gerri Meer, Olga Soriano