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Tradition of Service

Since its inception in 1896, the Thursday Morning Club has dedicated itself to serving Madison and surrounding communities, enhancing the wellbeing of its citizens by undertaking progressive programs, while offering its members opportunities for personal enrichment. The Thursday Morning Club has been a member of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs since 1900 and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs since 1907. The TMC has over 240 members from 6 states and 20 New Jersey towns that participate in the TMC Community and help maintain the Madison Community House.



In 1924, the Club built the Madison Community House, which is home to TMC sponsored programs and activities including a Preschool, Before and After School Child Care (BASCC) and after school enrichment classes. The Madison Community House also serves as a meeting place for more than 25 local organizations and houses Dress for Success. Its rich and vibrant history continues to be reflected in the current membership that exhibits a spirit of unity, volunteerism, and stewardship.

1896 – Thursday Morning Club established

1900 – TMC became a member of the New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs (NJSFWC)

1906 – TMC hired Madison’s first public health nurse, Miss Cora Payn

1907 – TMC became a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC)

1909 – Settlement Work began with 1 rented room for recreational/medical center

1910 – Ten room house rented by the TMC where all activities were coordinated

1912 – First morning kindergarten held – later part of the public school program

1913 – Baby Keep Well Station – equipment rentals, diet kitchen, stocked by TMC

1924 – Settlement House constructed at 25 Cook Avenue with a bequest from member Mary B. Cash

1925 – Green Door Players, community theater group built stage and performed, proceeds supported MCH

– Thrift Shop operates from basement of the Settlement House

– The Braille Association operations held at Settlement House

1927 – TMC acquires non-profit status

1938 – Madison Friends of the Library formed – now independent organization

1950 – Rose Wing added to the Settlement House

1957 – Settlement House becomes the Madison Community House

1960 – Madison Community House Nursery School opened

1966 – Rose Wing added and Youth Employment Services offered

1967 – Branch of Morris County Legal Aid Society operated from MCH

1972 – After School Enrichment programs begin

1987 – Computer programs for parents

1988 – TIME OUT Adult Day Care Center opened – now Harmony House

1995 – Association with Morris County Probation Dept. and Project Community Pride

1998 – Dress for Success relocated to Madison Community House

2000 – Before and After School Child Care Program begins in Madison Public Schools

2001 – TMC purchases land at 27 Cook Avenue to build a playground and parking lot

2006 – Renovations began on Rose Wing and gymnasium/auditorium

2009 – Renovations completed

2011 – Front Garden Redesigned

2017 –  We’ve owned, operated, and maintained the Madison Community House since it was built in 1924.  On January 25th the 3rd floor of the Madison Community House had a fire. We’re thankful that the fire department worked quickly and aggressively to prevent what could have been a disaster.

The 3rd floor of the Madison Community House is now uninhabitable due to fire and water damage. The 1st and 2nd floors have sustained smoke and water damage that needs to be repaired.  Re-construction began in February 2017 and by October 1, 2017 the whole building was back in full usage.