Last Thursday, the Thursday Morning Club held their Annual Scholarship Social for our Education Dept. Our Dept. Chair Cathy Gotliffe worked with Madison High School’s Guidance Counselor Brett Levine last year to get us the perfect candidate for our HOBY scholarship recipient.

MHS student Logan Sabol attended HOBY last spring. He came back yesterday to talk about his experiences attending HOBY and how this experience will help him through the rest of his time at MHS and his future in college.

We also honored our Girls Career Institute scholarship recipient De’Nai Simms. She was unable to be with us, but Mary Jane Breen, Education Committee Chair for Edgewater Parks’ Women’s Club came and spoke on her behalf about what her experience was like. De’Nai Simms attended GCI at Douglass College on the University of Rutgers campus in New Brunswick in the spring of 2017.

Delegates for both programs are sponsored by the Thursday Morning Club. Delegates are selected on the basis of interest, community service and participation in school activities. Our guests for the scholarship were HOBY recipient Logan Sabol, his mother Karen Sabol. MHS guidance counselor Brett Levine and Edgewater Parks’ Women’s Club Education Chair; Mary Jane Breen.

After a delicious lunch catered by Madison’s C&J’s Deli, members and their guests had a few hours of relaxation and fun by participating in games of bridge, mah jongg and bunco.

Join us for our General Meeting on February 1st at 10:00 AM. Our speaker will be Patricia Miller. “Brain Training: The Key to a Happier Life”.